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Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop [75g]

Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop [75g]

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Ice Herb Whitening  Water Drop

Moisturizing care system with water droplets! MUST HAVE ITEM for dry skin 

1. The "water essence" produced by the special emulsion method

water drops forms moisturizing film that transfers moisture to your skin


2. Whitening effect for skin  spots, freckles, removing skin marks

It is a whitening functional cosmetics that contain arbutin, manganese bark extract, and vitamin C. It inhibits the formation of melanin pigment by removing skin spots, freckles, and skin marks.

3. Environmentally friendly raw material which can be used safely for sensitive skin.

It is safe to use for sensitive skin. It contains environmentally friendly raw materials such as celery, white kebab, brown rice, tomatoes, and carrot extract.


It is a water drop formulation that creates a water droplet immediately after rubbing on the skin. It moisturizes the skin by quickly transferring moisture along with a cooling sensation. Natural ingredients protect the skin from moisture evaporation by forming moisture

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