Vision & Mission

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the best we can be. We believe in living a life on our terms and taking action towards it.

The way we challenge the best in ourselves is by constantly setting goals for all areas of our life and achieve them.

When it comes to beauty and lifestyle, we are offering you a wide selection of great products, carefully selected, prior tested, and 100% genuine, so that YOU, dear Lulua, feel totally in control in any stage of life you might be. You shine through healthy, vibrant, and radiant skin, feeling confident and inspiring respect.

Lulua is brought from the Arabic "لؤلؤة" which means "Pearl", considered to be the queen of the sea. We have been inspired by the fact that it is exceptionally hard to find two similar pearls, in size or color. It reinforces the need to celebrate the gem in each woman as she leads her own journey to discover her unique identity.

Change is the only constant in life so we choose to change for the better.

You can improve only what you start, start today!