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BB All-In-One Cleanser [200ml]

BB All-In-One Cleanser [200ml]

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Powerful 2 in 1 system at once! Cleanse perfectly!


 A refreshing liquid cleanser that gently washes away dead skin cells and thick makeup


The double cleansing effect of massage gel and cleansing foam

Gel massage removes deep makeup and dead skin cells. This product is a foam cleansing type that creates bubbles when it comes in contact with water. It is easy to clean with a single cleansing.


Weak acidic cleanser with pH 5.5

It is a weakly acidic cleanser with a pH of 5.5. It protects the skin barrier against the stratum corneum and moisturizes it without dryness after cleansing.


Fresh cleansing & Caring pores

A gentle, creamy foam helps to remove sebum and pore debris neatly.

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