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Numbuzin – No.5 Glutathione Vitamin Concentrated Serum 30ml

Numbuzin – No.5 Glutathione Vitamin Concentrated Serum 30ml

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Experience the effects of the Glutathione ampoule that helps with anti-aging and brightening! Glutathione and various synergy vitamins work together to build an antioxidant network that delivers glutathione more efficiently by undergoing oxidation-reduction and antioxidant interactions.

  • Glutathione shows a melanin improvement rate of 23.72%, a skin texture improvement rate of 18.90%, and a satisfaction rate of 95.24% for improving skin pigmentation.
  • The interaction between the strong brightening ingredient Glutathione and the antioxidant network ingredient is designed to be even more effective in caring for the remaining stimulation.
  • This product has a satisfaction rate of 100% for skin tone evenness and a satisfaction rate of 95% for improving skin pigmentation and blemishes as well as overall skin improvement.
  • Completed the low skin irritation test, so it is safe for use.

How To Use

After cleansing and toner application, gently apply a moderate amount on the face, lightly patting to help absorption.

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